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Chapter 62 Scammed

  • Back in the bar, Tommy had arrived with his men and chased out all its patrons. As for the staff, all of them were huddling in a corner and squatting on the ground.
  • When Hilda saw the large group of armed men, her face turned pale in fright. Tightening her grip on Jared's arm, she began to shiver slightly.
  • “Don't be afraid,” Jared reassured her.
  • When Tommy saw Jared, he wanted to approach him to talk. However, Jared quickly stopped him by giving him a look.
  • He didn't want Hilda to know that he knew Tommy.
  • After all, Tommy didn't have a good reputation in the eyes of the masses. If his parents found out that he was hanging out with Tommy, they would definitely be outraged.
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