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Chapter 52 Inviting Trouble

  • Steven was trembling with fear as he stared at Jared. His mind went blank because he had no idea what had just happened.
  • After receiving Jared's powerful punch, he realized that his Impenetrable Skill was useless against him.
  • “Sir, may I know what your name is? One day, I'll come back to learn from you!” Realizing that he was no match for Jared, Steven decided to leave while he still had a chance.
  • “Steven, do you think you get to leave? Well, let me tell you—Mr. Chance is here today, and this is where your life ends!” Tommy looked at him smugly.
  • Steven's expression changed. If he strikes, there's no doubt I won't be getting out of here alive!
  • “The name's Chance. Jared Chance. You can come and seek revenge anytime. If you don't think you can handle me, by all means, bring your mentor along,” Jared said upon reading Steven's mind.
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