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Chapter 45 A Match Made In Heaven

  • William promptly rushed to the front while throwing looks at Jared, signaling him to leave posthaste. He blocked Walter's path and fibbed, “Mr. Grange, that's a server at the hotel, and he's probably taken a wrong turn and came here instead.”
  • Right then, Josephine had also caught up to Jared. She dragged him away while muttering, “Just how inattentive were you that you didn't even watch where you were going and ended up here instead?”
  • “Wait a moment!” Walter called her back at once.
  • Halting in her tracks, Josephine dropped her hold on Jared.
  • “I apologize for my mismanagement that a server barged in, Mr. Grange. I'll be sure to give you an explanation later.”
  • William was sweating bullets, afraid that Walter would fly into a rage.
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