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Chapter 44 Why Should We Hide

  • After going into the hotel, Jared texted Tommy and told him to give Yoel the boot. He didn't want to dine with the latter, nor did he want the Scott family to know about his identity. In truth, he wanted to see how much longer Leyton and Sandy could provoke him.
  • In the hotel, everyone surrounded Walter with deferential expressions on their faces.
  • Some of them were even aware of his penchant for collecting antiques, so they had searched high and low for rare antiques as a gift for him that day.
  • Beside Walter was a burly middle-aged man with a grim expression who was vigilant at all times. That was his personal bodyguard, Luca Turner. Luca was a retired member of the Dragon Squadron and once protected Walter when the latter was still holding office. When the man stepped down, he did the same and continued guarding him ever since.
  • Walter would bring Luca along for security purposes every time he attended a public event.
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, I have some rules at this banquet of mine today. Firstly, I'm not accepting any gifts. Secondly, I'm not going to discuss business. I merely want to introduce a new friend to all of you, so please make yourselves at home,” Walter declared loudly after waving a hand to shush the crowd.
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