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Chapter 41 Discerned Tacitly

  • “The two of you are just too much to pick on us, ordinary people, just because you've got wealth and power! Everyone, come and see this! The heiress of the Sullivan family is a bully!”
  • Sandy staunchly refused to wipe Jared's clothes for him, for she couldn't get over the contempt within her.
  • In the past, it had always been him pandering to her and being at her beck and call. For that reason, she couldn't accept the reality that she was to lower herself before him then.
  • Right that moment, she feigned weakness, hoping that the people around her would take pity on her and lend her a hand.
  • Slap!
  • While she was trying to seek help from the bystanders, Josephine stepped forward and struck her right across the face without the slightest bit of hesitation, stunning her to the core.
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