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Chapter 40 Bumping Into His Former Girlfriend

  • Chuckling, Jared stood there and waited for Josephine.
  • Many ladies who spotted him when they walked past inexorably turned back and stole another glance at him. Several of them even came over to him and asked for his contact, but he turned them all down.
  • Coincidentally, Sandy and Juliette were also shopping on the other side of the mall.
  • Still seething after having been hauled over the coals the day before, Sandy planned to go on a shopping spree to cheer herself up.
  • “Quick, look, Sandy! A handsome man is standing across from us! His back alone is mesmerizing!” Juliette said to Sandy in an excited voice.
  • Hearing that, Sandy hastily lifted her head and cast her gaze over. Sure enough, she caught sight of a tall man in a suit standing ramrod straight opposite them. From his mere back, one could sense the noble aura he exuded.
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