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Chapter 37 You Are Good At Fawning

  • “Dad, that b*stard—”
  • “Shut up!” Before Leyton could finish, Yoel shot him a fearsome glare, frightening him into silence.
  • “Mr. Scott, I know Jared very well because we were together in university. He doesn't have any sort of background or support. His dad used to be a government servant but became a street cleaner after he was sacked. So, don't let him frighten you,” Sandy explained while straightening her clothes.
  • “You know sh*t!” Yoel shot her a cold glance. “You stupid b*tch! If not for you, Leyton wouldn't be in this condition. You're nothing but a jinx!”
  • Yoel stormed off the moment he finished. In truth, he had objected to their wedding as he felt that Sandy's family wasn't up to his standards. Unfortunately, Sandy somehow managed to bewitch Leyton to the extent of getting him to marry her.
  • Sandy's face purpled in anger after being scolded by Yoel. Nonetheless, she didn't dare say a word of protest. This was the price she had to pay for marrying into a rich family.
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