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Chapter 368 How Dare You

  • However, as soon as Anthony finished his sentence, Master Iron's expression darkened and he spat, “Anthony, this has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. So stay out of this. Or else, don't blame me for treating you harshly!”
  • Anthony's expression turned cold and fury boiled within him. How could he disrespect me like this? And in front of Jared, no less? I am the head of the Department of Justice!
  • Anthony would not have minded if it were the Jantz family that disrespected him. However, the fact that even Iron Gate Academy disrespected him made him feel utterly humiliated.
  • “Master Iron, I hope you'd think twice about the consequences! Are you sure you want to go against the Department of Justice?”
  • Anthony's expression darkened as he threatened Master Iron.
  • “Hah! Stop trying to scare me into submission. I can bear whatever consequences that follow. No matter what, I must kill him today...”
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