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Chapter 367 On My Account

  • Master Iron frowned lightly, amazed to see how Jared was unaffected by his display of power. He knew the wave of energy he had just emitted was formidable, and most martial artists with good internal energy would find it hard to withstand the force. He could not believe that Jared appeared totally unfazed.
  • “You are indeed something, young punk! Sadly, it is me you are against today, so your fate is sealed!”
  • With that, he gathered all his energy, let out a roar, and threw a terrifying wave of energy toward Jared. His disciples, once again, retreated further to get out of harm's way.
  • “Is that all you are capable of? If you have nothing better to offer, I'll be taking my leave first.” Jared threw Master Iron a disdainful look and started walking away.
  • Master Iron was momentarily stunned and also embarrassed by Jared's action. It was too humiliating to be looked down upon by a young punk in the face of his disciples. He could not afford to lose his reputation and their respect.
  • “Die, you brat!” He charged forward furiously, bringing tremors to the ground, and threw a punch at Jared.
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