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Chapter 365 Challenged

  • “How did it go, Leonardo? Did Venicus say when he is going to start working on the longevity pill?” Zachariah anxiously asked Leonardo.
  • “Mr. Jantz, Master Venicus said he will work on it once you get the herbs he wanted for Crescent Sect ready,” Leonardo reported.
  • “What the f*ck! He is not about to cut us any slack, is he?” Zachariah couldn't help but swear. “When would those herbs be ready?” he asked with concern.
  • “The herbs they asked for are all rare and precious herbs. Not to mention the prices are exorbitant! I have tried to bargain with Herb Palace on numerous occasions but they simply would not budge on the price. That order is going to cost more than ten million, Mr. Jantz,” Leonardo complained in exasperation.
  • Zachariah went into deep thought for a moment, then said, “Encash all the liquid assets we have. Also, sell off all the assets of the Whitaker family. I must get the herbs for Crescent Sect.”
  • “Yes, Mr. Jantz!” Leonardo nodded.
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