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Chapter 361 Unprovoked

  • Phoenix was furious when she heard someone was raising hell at the bar and had specifically asked for her. After all, no one, not even the prominent families of Summerbank, had the audacity to challenge her in that manner. She hurriedly gathered a few men and made her way to the bar.
  • In the meantime, Jared was seated comfortably on a chair and playing with his Dragon Ring while waiting for her arrival.
  • Tommy had reminded him previously that Dragon Sect might have a regiment in Summerbank. That was the reason why he made Orb summon the head of the Phoenix Regiment.
  • He was not certain if Phoenix Regiment was part of the Dragon Sect, so he wanted to find out. If they were indeed his subordinates, then he would have a much easier time in Summerbank.
  • After about half an hour, a lady in her thirties walked into the bar. Her hair was casually tucked into a bun and she was dressed simply in sportswear. Jared was surprised to see that Orb's superior was a beauty, as he had expected the leader of a gang to be someone fearsome-looking. Following closely behind her were two men, and from the way they moved, it was obvious they were highly skilled fighters. Jared had no doubt they were more formidable than Orb.
  • “Madam...” Orb hurriedly went up to greet her.
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