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Chapter 355 You Are My Brother In Law

  • “Why didn't you tell us that you've found yourself a boyfriend, Lizbeth? I could help assess him and see if he's a good match, you know? Judging by the way this guy is dressed, I'd say he doesn't look very wealthy,” Oliver said disdainfully after eyeing Jared from head to toe.
  • Lizbeth's face burned bright red as she shouted angrily at Oliver, “Shut up! He's not my boyfriend, okay? I don't want to hear another word about this!”
  • “Oh, please! Why else would you let him into your apartment if he isn't your boyfriend? You don't even like having me over, so I doubt you'd let any of your friends in here. Anyway, regardless of whether he's your boyfriend or not, I need you to lend me some money. I'm short on cash right now.”
  • Lizbeth shook her head. “So am I. Besides, don't you think you've come to me for money way too many times now?”
  • “I'll tell the family about you having a boyfriend if you won't lend me money!” Oliver then took a few pictures of Jared as he continued, “Let's see what they have to say about your taste in men!”
  • “I told you, he's not my boyfriend! He's just a regular friend of mine! You'd better delete that picture right this instant!” Lizbeth shouted as she tried to snatch the phone from Oliver, but he refused to hand it over.
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