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Chapter 35 Vengeful Dragons

  • “There is!” Jared nodded. “All I need to do is to extract the Dragon Throne's hatred and destroy the vengeful dragons.”
  • Walter was ecstatic to hear Jared's reply. “In that case, Mr. Chance, please go ahead!”
  • “Why should I help you? In your eyes, I'm nothing but a fraud,” Jared sneered.
  • Immediately, Walter was filled with remorse. “Mr. Chance, it was my mistake. I didn't know any better and offended you instead. I hope you won't hold it against me and are willing to save my life!” Walter pleaded sincerely.
  • At the same time, Tommy interceded, “Mr. Chance, Mr. Grange didn't mean to insult you. I hope you can help him as he will still be of use to us in the future.”
  • Tommy's intention was obvious. Walter could be instrumental in the Templar Regiment's expansion in Horington. Therefore, by helping Walter, Jared would be helping the Dragon Sect at the same time.
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