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Chapter 348 A Public Display Of Affection

  • Josephine likewise turned her gaze to Lizbeth. After all, the latter was there to keep an eye on Jared so as to prevent him from absconding or going into hiding.
  • As Lizbeth sensed the scorching gaze directed her way, embarrassment showed on her face. With the cup of coffee Jared brewed in her hands, she bit her lip and declared, “I-I'm a heavy sleeper and won't awaken even if there are any movements at night!”
  • The meaning of her words was plain as day—she was telling them both that they could make a run for it while she was sleeping at night.
  • At that, Jared abruptly chuckled. “Are you telling me that I can make a run for it during the night, Ms. Grange?”
  • “I... I didn't say that!” Lizbeth shot him a glare, her eyes brimming with censure that he actually put it in such blunt terms.
  • “Don't spout nonsense, Jared! Lizbeth didn't say that!” Josephine snapped, glowering at Jared as she also knew that Lizbeth was helping them.
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