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Chapter 347 Into The Den Of The Lion

  • From Josephine's question, it seemed that she had also heard of the Jantz family, and fear had taken her captive.
  • Alas, Anthony shook his head. “It's not that easy. Although Zachariah gave the Department of Justice three days, I know that he has long since sent men out to guard the various exits in Horington. He doesn't believe in the Department of Justice!”
  • “T-Then, what should we do?” Josephine started panicking.
  • Both Walter and Glen wore grim expressions as well. After all, Jared once saved their lives, yet they were of no help then. Even the Whitaker family didn't fear them, much less the Jantz family. Worse still, they didn't even have the right to speak to the patriarch of the Jantz family.
  • If Walter hadn't retired, he might be able to talk to the Jantz family, but his influence was all but gone by then.
  • “I'll go to Summerbank with you!” Jared stated out of the blue.
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