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Chapter 346 A Faraway Place

  • At the sight of Lizbeth suddenly growing so emotional, Josephine inquired with puzzlement on her face, “What's wrong? Jared is really great! I know him well, and I've even met his parents.”
  • “What do you know about him? Do you know that he's a murderer? He wiped out the Whitaker family! He's truly ruthless!” Lizbeth blurted the truth, no longer able to hold herself back.
  • However, regret swamped her when she had done so. After all, it wasn't appropriate for Josephine to know about such a thing.
  • She initially thought that Josephine would be shocked to learn about that. To her surprise, the latter remained calm and unruffled. Instead, she even admitted with a nod, “I know. He only did that because of me!”
  • “Because of you?” Mystification was written all over Lizbeth's face.
  • Josephine then recounted everything she had experienced, including the incident at Yeringham.
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