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Chapter 343 Burnt

  • As for Josephine, she was on her phone looking for recipes online to cook for Jared. Since she was brought up in a rich family, she had never been required to cook a meal in her life. Despite that, for him, she was willing to learn as she cooked, regardless of how hard it was for her.
  • Jared's eyes were filled with love when he saw Josephine busy making dinner for him in the kitchen.
  • Right at that moment, Jared's phone rang.
  • It was a call from Walter, and he asked courteously, “Mr. Chance, are you free now? General Long would like to meet you. He's the head of the Department of Justice in Summerbank!”
  • “Department of Justice? What do they want from me?” Jared frowned.
  • “I'm not sure about that. He just told me he's hosting a dinner party at Glamor Hotel, and he'd like you to be there!” At that point, Walter had no idea what Jared did in Summerbank. He was merely delivering Anthony's message.
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