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Chapter 341 Home Alone

  • Nothing beats a home-cooked meal! Jared was looking forward to his mother's cooking.
  • Although he knew Hannah and Gary weren't his biological parents, he still loved them the same.
  • “Mom?” Jared yelled out again after getting no response the first time.
  • “Where did they go? Have they gone out for a stroll?” Jared grumbled softly as he made his way into the dining room. That was when he saw a piece of paper on the dining table.
  • He picked it up and saw it was a letter written to him by Hannah.
  • He then read it out loud, “Your dad and I are moving back to our old house for a while. Please take good care of yourself. I've made some yummy dishes and kept them in the refrigerator. If you're hungry, you can heat them up. On a different note, please be nice to Josephine because she deserves that much. Your dad and I will not forgive you if you ever break her heart! While we are away, don't hesitate to bring Josephine over. With her care, I can at least not worry as much about you! Also, I'm looking forward to having a grandchild! Please see to it!”
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