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Chapter 340 Three Days

  • Upon hearing that, Wilbur was seen whispering into Zachariah's ears.
  • Zachariah narrowed his eyes. “I'd like to see which family in Summerbank dares to take advantage of the Whitaker family. The Jantz family will deal with them!”
  • After saying that, a burst of energy was released from Zachariah's body, and his clothes billowed though there was no wind. Everyone at the scene couldn't help but shiver a little upon seeing that.
  • “I'll give you three days. If you can't deliver me the perpetrator by then, I'll take matters into my own hands!” Zachariah looked at Anthony and said sternly.
  • “Three days?” His words put Anthony in a quandary.
  • “General Long, you should start your investigation with Jared Chance. He's from Horington. As for his accomplices, you'll have to find out on your own.” As soon as Wilbur heard about the Whitaker family's misfortunate, Jared popped up in his mind almost instantly.
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