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Chapter 339 Torment

  • If Jared had seen the girl, he'd have undoubtedly thought she looked familiar because of how much she resembled Walter. In fact, she was Walter's granddaughter, Lizbeth Grange.
  • After retiring, Walter left Summerbank and returned to Horington, whereas his children and grandchildren stayed behind.
  • “Are there no survivors?” Anthony furrowed his brows.
  • “None. Also, all the surveillance cameras were taken away. Hence, we have no footage of what happened here!” Lizbeth shook her head.
  • “What do you think happened here, Lizbeth?” Anthony queried.
  • “It seems like someone was here for revenge. Not only did the perpetrator not take any of the valuables, but most of the victims died in a gruesome way. It seems like someone held a huge grudge against the Whitaker family!” Lizbeth gave her analysis.
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