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Chapter 310 Integrity Is Important In Business

  • “Mr. Rider, for these five items, I'll pay you ten million for each of them. Even then, you're still making a tidy profit,” Jared countered.
  • “What? Ten million per piece?” Zyaire raised his voice suddenly. “Are you suggesting that my herbs are of lower quality? Looks like you're not a serious buyer at all and are here just to cause trouble. How dare you accuse me of selling herbs of inferior quality without even looking at them?”
  • “I don't need to look at them. You should know the quality of your herbs better than I do. Also, it's important to have integrity in business. Only then can you be successful over the long haul. Anyway, ten million for each item and not a penny more!”
  • Jared looked at Zyaire fearlessly.
  • In response, Zyaire held Jared's stare in grim silence.
  • When he noticed Zyaire's growing anger, Zeke interjected at once, “Mr. Rider, my friend is able to determine the quality of a herb without looking. How about I examine them on his behalf?”
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