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Chapter 31 Just Browsing

  • Scarface was stunned for a brief moment. Slowly retrieving his phone, he gave Tommy a call. Since he didn't know who Jared was, he didn't dare let him make the call.
  • Soon, the call went through. As Tommy's sleepy voice rang out, it was obvious that he hadn't gotten out of bed yet.
  • “Mr. Lewis, someone is causing trouble in Antique Street. He says that he knows you and wants me to give you a call,” Scarface carefully reported.
  • “Who is he? What's his name?” Tommy asked.
  • “I don't know his name, but he's wearing a bronze ring with a dragon on top and even asked me if I recognized it,” Scarface added.
  • “F*ck!” Tommy swore as he jumped out of bed at once. “Scarface, listen to me closely. You had better treat him like a king. If you somehow offend him, he will annihilate your entire family. It would do you good to remember that.”
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