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Chapter 308 Trinity Herbs

  • With that, the five of them went to Yeringham's largest herb market. After walking one round, Jared felt disappointed, as all the herbs sold there were of the ordinary kind. Even if there were any which were more than a century old, they had been crushed into powder and had lost their spiritual energy.
  • “Jared, is there nothing in this market that interests you?” Zeke asked when he saw the dismay on Jared's face.
  • Jared nodded. “I'm looking for quality herbs that are more than a century old, but the herbs sold here are run-of-the-mill stuff which I don't need.”
  • Having heard Jared's answer, Zeke pondered briefly before suggesting, “I'll take you to the many herb traders. All of them will definitely have some sort of treasure. However, whether they're willing to sell is a different matter.”
  • Due to the fact that they were hostile business competitors, Zeke seldom patronized other herb traders. After all, they would naturally be wary of his motives and hesitant to show them their prized treasures.
  • However, as Jared had done him a huge favor, he had no choice but to lower himself and approach his business rivals.
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