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Chapter 306 A Bet

  • Due to how loud the man was speaking, he caught Jared's attention by accident.
  • “Mr. Drake, I'm sure there's still room for negotiation. This ginseng is indeed a quality specimen, but twenty million is too expensive for me. Why don't you lower your asking price, and I'll pay you right away,” Zeke proposed with a smile.
  • “Twenty million. Take it or leave it.”
  • Just as the middle-aged man spoke, he stood up with the box and prepared to leave.
  • “Mr. Drake, calm down, calm down. I'll take it. Goldenbirch Herbs will take it just because we value your friendship.”
  • After stopping the middle-aged man, Zeke took out his phone. “I'll transfer the money to you right away. If you still have any other excellent specimens, please bring them to Goldenbirch Herbs. I'll definitely pay you a good price for it!”
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