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Chapter 304 The Same Name

  • After regaining his senses, Zeke replied in a solemn tone, “Jared, I understand your ambition, but what you are asking for costs an arm and a leg. Despite how wealthy the Sullivan family is, even they might not be able to get you what you want. And if you don't know how to judge the authenticity of the product, you might end up being cheated of everything you have!”
  • “Zeke, I appreciate the advice, but I know what I'm doing,” Jared said.
  • As Jared seemed to have made up his mind, Zeke didn't try to dissuade him any further. Instead, he offered, “Jared, since you have just arrived in Yeringham, you should get some rest. Tomorrow, come to Goldenbirch Herbs and I'll show you around. With me by your side, no one will try to swindle you.”
  • “Why do you need to accompany him? Aren't you busy enough? He's overambitious and incompetent. Does he even know how to recognize a hundred-year-old ginseng?”
  • Yasmin's disdain for Jared continued to grow.
  • “All right, now. Since they have traveled so far, it's only right that we show them around,” Zeke replied with a smile.
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