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Chapter 295 Come At Me

  • Kane was slightly taken aback. He didn't expect Tommy to speak to him in that tone. “You may be a mighty snake in the eyes of the people here, but you're nothing but a worm in mine!”
  • He then slammed his palm on the table and crushed the table into pieces.
  • Everyone's expression changed. Tommy, in particular, frowned, as it never occurred to him that Kane possessed that amount of power.
  • “I must find the man responsible for crippling my son today. All of you have five minutes to decide. Hand him over or die!” When the last word escaped Kane's mouth, the temperature of the room dropped rapidly, causing a shiver to run down William's and the others' spines.
  • “I've already contacted Mr. Chance, Mr. Sullivan. If he doesn't arrive by the time Kane makes his move, run. I'll block him with my men. All of them are almost here,” Tommy whispered to William.
  • “You...” William was a little exasperated when he learned that Jared was on his way. “It'll be a death sentence for him if he comes here! It doesn't look like Kane will give up without killing someone today!”
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