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Chapter 294 Not On The Same Level

  • Just as Walter had no idea what to do while the tension reached its peak, the door to the room was suddenly opened again, and a man in a suit promptly entered.
  • That person was Glen. When he learned that Kane had arrived in Horington, he had immediately made his way to the hotel.
  • He glanced at the bodyguards on the floor and said, “This is Horington, Kane, not Summerbank. You don't get to hurt people in my territory. That'd be no different from spitting on my face.”
  • Kane was a little surprised that Glen had arrived. He didn't expect that the Sullivan family could sway the mayor. Sure, the Sullivan family was the richest family in Horington, but they didn't have a strong enough influence to ask the mayor to come.
  • However, what he didn't know was that Glen was there was because of Jared, not because of the Sullivan family.
  • “I hope you don't interfere with my matter, Mr. Lowe. Go back and be a good mayor instead of getting in my way.” While he was surprised by Glen's appearance, he wasn't afraid of the man. After all, Glen was just a mayor of a small city.
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