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Chapter 293 Respect

  • “Don't assume that I won't kill you.” Kane furrowed his eyebrows and pressed the tip of a sharp dagger against William's throat.
  • William began to tremble as he felt the coldness of the dagger. Everyone feared death, including him, but he couldn't hand Jared over.
  • “You should've given me a call that you're visiting Horington, Mr. Whitaker. I would've given you a better welcome...” Right then, a cheerful voice rang out from behind.
  • It was Walter.
  • He glanced at the moaning bodyguards on the floor and then the dagger in Kane's hand. “You've just arrived in Horington and you've already pulled out a dagger, Mr. Whitaker? You know, we can just sit down and talk about this.” He smiled.
  • Taking a few steps forward, he plucked the dagger out of Kane's hand and put it at the side.
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