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Chapter 291 Make Horington Pay

  • Glen's contorted face had Frederick tremble in fear, and the latter eventually nodded.
  • “You b*stard! I kept you in the house just so you would reflect on your actions and yet you didn't learn a thing! I'm going to kill you...” Glen raised a chair and violently smashed it onto Frederick's body, shattering the furniture upon impact.
  • Jared was slightly taken aback. He didn't expect Glen to punish his own son in that manner.
  • “Stop it, Glen! You're going to kill him!” Helen desperately did her best to stop her husband.
  • However, Glen didn't care at all. He continued to beat Frederick to a pulp, causing him to cry out in pain.
  • “I'll take responsibility for the matter, Mr. Chance. I'll find some way to shield you from the Whitaker family!” the older man promised.
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