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Chapter 284 The Stupid Son

  • Josephine was taken aback by the venom in Tyrion's words. Unease grew in her chest as she asked hesitantly, “What are you talking about, Tyrion?”
  • “What else could I be talking about?” Anger distorted Tyrion's features as he continued, “I've been courting you for years to no avail. Now, you've fallen for an ex-convict of all people! Tell me! How am I worse than Jared?”
  • He grabbed Josephine's elbow in the middle of his impassioned speech.
  • “Tyrion! Who told you all this?”
  • Josephine finally identified the crux of the matter. Someone must've tipped him off. Tyrion knows about everything in Horington despite being in far-off Summerbank.
  • Tyrion tightened his grip on her elbow and demanded, “That's none of your business! Tell me! How is Jared better than me?”
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