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Chapter 282 I Will Kill You

  • Tommy dared not ask much. He deployed the entire Templar Regiment, as well as the newly recruited Crimson Dragon Gang. Thousands of men were now searching for Josephine in the whole of Horington.
  • Very soon, Jared arrived at the Sullivan residence. William was pacing anxiously in the courtyard when he saw Jared.
  • “Mr. Sullivan, calm down. I have already told Tommy to get all the men to look for her. I'm sure we will receive some news very soon!”
  • Jared continued to console William, “Perhaps she has gone out to have some fun and left her phone in the car.”
  • That was also all William could tell himself. However, the ominous feeling in him was getting stronger.
  • Shortly after, Tommy called to inform Jared that they had found Josephine's car at Phoenix Road, but there was no sign of her. There were no surveillance cameras in that area either. Tommy had asked around, and someone told him that Josephine had been abducted.
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