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Chapter 279 Promotion

  • However, Steven was still smiling when he saw the trickle of blood at the corner of Francis' mouth. The very next moment, Francis fell to the ground and became unconscious.
  • Steven was in shock, and the smile on his face froze.
  • “Mr. Chance, I'm so sorry... Please spare my life, Mr. Chance...” Steven fell to his knees. “Mr. Chance, please spare my life. I'm willing to give you everything I have and leave Horington forever!”
  • Steven was trembling all over, and he was freaking out. At that moment, he felt like an ant that could be crushed to death at any second.
  • As for Felix, he was slumped on the ground in a daze as he endured in silence. All the while, he had thought that Steven, as the gang leader, had found some backup so that they would not have to be fearful of Jared anymore. Yet little did he expect such an outcome.
  • Jared had wanted to get rid of Steven as well, but after hearing what he said, he thought otherwise. Right now, he needed money, and Steven was loaded.
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