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Chapter 274 A Proper Restaurant

  • In the lobby located on the top floor of Meadow Restaurant, Tommy displayed all the revitalizing pills. Those thumb-sized pills were all black, and they looked unsightly.
  • No one would even pay attention to the medicine's effectiveness when they all looked unpresentable.
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for showing up here today. I'm pleased to introduce you to the revitalizing pills. These are—”
  • “Oh, please spare us the formalities! We're all busy with our work, so just name the price. We'll pay you accordingly!” a middle-aged man in a checkered suit interjected impatiently.
  • Everyone turned their attention to the man and admired his courage in speaking bluntly to Tommy.
  • Though they all knew Tommy was merely trying to rake in money, none of them had to guts to say that to his face.
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