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Chapter 267 Blood

  • Slowly, Hannah began to recount how they came to adopt Jared. Throughout the entire story, Jared kept his ears peeled.
  • Because Jared had already braced himself for this, he wasn't particularly shocked.
  • “When we found you, you had nothing on but this jade pendant. All these years, I've kept it in this box.” Hannah opened the small box to reveal a gleaming jade pendant. Upon closer inspections, Jared could see traces of crimson red swirled inside the pendant.
  • When Jared took the jade pendant into his hands, a surge of warmth enveloped his body. It was a feeling that was both comforting yet indescribable.
  • The jade pendant felt like an extension of his own body. To be more exact, Jared seemed to feel connected to the jade pendant. It felt as if it was resonating with him.
  • “Son, this was the only thing your birth parents left for you. I'll be leaving it in your care now. We don't have any other information about them,” Hannah said softly.
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