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Chapter 266 Take Care Of You

  • “Mom, I'm fine,” Jared replied as he plastered a smile.
  • Dinner was a silent and awkward affair. Throughout the entire meal, no one dared to break the silence.
  • Afraid that his parents would sense that something was amiss, Jared quickly scarfed down his food and excused himself from the table.
  • Once Jared left, Hannah and Gary exchanged a knowing glance. Unable to help themselves, the duo heaved out a heavy sigh.
  • “Sooner or later, we'll have to tell him the truth,” Gary said in a low voice.
  • “All these years, I have always seen Jared as my own son. In fact, I already forgot about the fact that we adopted him. Why did Benedict have to say such nonsense...” Hannah's eyes reddened with sorrow. “Judging from Jared's bad mood, he must have found out the truth. We can't hide it from him anymore.”
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