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Chapter 265 Persistent Feeling

  • “Mr. Chance, I will look into this matter right away.” Glen glared at Devin and Benedict. “Starting from today, the two of you are dismissed. An investigation will be launched. If I discover that both of you were involved in corrupt activities, you will be severely punished!”
  • Thud!
  • Hearing that, Devin and Benedict collapsed to the ground in utter shock. All of our dirty deeds will be exposed if he launches an investigation. We won't be able to escape the punishment.
  • “Mr. Lowe, Mr. Chance, let us continue our conversation somewhere else,” Tommy suggested.
  • Earlier, he'd already ordered his men to prepare another room.
  • “All right.” Glen nodded in response before addressing the people who'd accompanied him there, “Why don't you return home first? I'll be back soon.”
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