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Chapter 262 Flee

  • Javier was stumped as he shifted his gaze toward his glass of wine. He immediately blushed after realizing his lies were exposed. Being the person he was, he couldn't bear to swallow his pride.
  • The reason they had their wine glasses full was that they assumed the wine was a limited edition Sauvignon Blanc. Hence, they wanted to savor it. To their dismay, that was the giveaway.
  • “W-Why do you care? Regardless of whether we had a drink with Mr. Lowe, we've still met him! On the other hand, I'd like to see how you plan to pay for the meal! How dare you try to have a free meal at Mr. Lewis' expense? Once he finds out about this, I bet he'd immediately wipe that smirk off your face!” With that, Javier took a seat and turned his head away from Jared.
  • “Who says I have to pay for the meal? Didn't all of you order the food as well? Well, I have no money to pay for anything. I'd like to see if any of you can leave this place!” Jared flashed a smile before sitting down.
  • Upon hearing that, Benedict and his family were stunned.
  • “What do you mean, Jared? Didn't you say you're treating us? Are you backing out now?” Benedict questioned with his brows furrowed.
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