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Chapter 257 A Gift Of Wine

  • Jared was left frozen in his spot for a few seconds before his expression darkened, and his aura changed drastically to resemble that of a demon. Throwing daggers at Benedict, he grimly uttered, “What did you say? I dare you to repeat yourself!”
  • Benedict was initially slightly freaked out by his gaze but was quick to come around. Fuming, he yelled, “Darn it! You're a damn bastard. You don't belong to the Chance family—”
  • Crash!
  • “Shut up, Benedict!” Gary smashed a glass on the floor, flushing angrily. His body shook a little as he glowered at Benedict. “Say another sentence, and I'll...”
  • Seeing his brother's sudden outburst of emotions, Benedict immediately shut his mouth and sat back down on the seat.
  • It turned out that Gary still had his dignity as an older brother. Although Benedict had always looked down on Gary and his family, he would still be intimidated when the latter lost his temper.
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