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Chapter 255 Finding A Job

  • Jared's brows furrowed, and his expression darkened at Benedict's words.
  • Gary noticed the grim look on his son's face and quickly interjected, “Benedict, we're here to have a meal as a family. Why are you bringing up Jared's friend? She won't be interested in Javier at all!”
  • Although Benedict looked down on Gary and his family, the latter was still his older brother. Hence, he dared not retort.
  • “What do you mean, Gary? What's wrong with Javier? The way I see it, he's better than Jared. At least Javier hasn't been in prison and isn't an ex-convict,” Stella piped up, displeased at Gary's jibe about Javier.
  • Benedict may not have the guts to say it, but I fear nothing!
  • “You...”
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