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Chapter 252 Asking For Help

  • Glen returned home looking pale and wretched.
  • “What happened, Glen? You don't look so good,” Helen remarked with a concerned look when she saw him in that state.
  • “Stop asking questions! You'd better keep a close eye on that rascal. He's not allowed to step foot out of this house. If I find out that he dares to go out and cause more trouble for Jared, I'll break both his legs!” he snapped while waving his hand dismissively, not knowing how to explain everything to her.
  • With that said, he stormed into the bedroom and lay fuming in bed for a long time.
  • Momentarily stunned, Helen quickly returned to her senses and hurried upstairs. I have to remind Frederick not to leave the house. Otherwise, Glen's going to make good his threat.
  • At that moment, Frederick was upstairs in his room, talking on the phone.
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