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Chapter 246 Soul Capturing Technique

  • “No one is perfect, Mr. Lowe. I believe your son will change for the better under the continuous guidance of you and your wife!” Jared was very impressed with Glen's personality.
  • Frederick must've only become who he is today because Glen was too busy at work. He must've been so focused on his duty that he has neglected his son, causing the latter to have an arrogant personality.
  • Soon, Sebastian arrived with Frederick, who had a bandaged arm. The injury he sustained on his wrist had obviously been taken care of.
  • After walking through the door, he was not surprised to see William and Jared. It seemed like Sebastian had kept him up to speed while on the way there.
  • “Dad...” Frederick called out in a shaky voice.
  • “You rascal! I'm going to beat you up!” Glen picked up a stool and aimed it at him. The latter was so frightened that he cowered in the corner of the room. It was apparent that he feared his father a lot.
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