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Chapter 243 Less Than A Thousand

  • “The thing is, Frederick is too used to having his way all the time because of his social status. Although his father, Mr. Lowe, is an honest and upright man, he's too busy with work to keep track of his son's behavior. At the same time, no one around him dared to tell him anything bad about his son. That's how Frederick has become so bumptious. I'll go and get some pointers from Mr. Grange regarding this.” William left to find Walter after saying that.
  • “You shouldn't have been so rough! We might be in trouble now!” Josephine shot Jared a helpless look.
  • “Well, that's what happens when someone lays a finger on you!” the man said with a straight face while staring at her.
  • Upon seeing how protective Jared was of her, Josephine could not help but feel touched. After rolling her eyes at him, she suggested, “You better leave and lie low in the meantime. Let my dad consult Mr. Grange first. You should only return once they've settled that matter.”
  • Josephine then pushed Jared out of the residence, urging him to leave as soon as possible as she was afraid Frederick might bring some men over to take revenge.
  • Left with no choice, Jared let out a resigned sigh and headed home. Since the resources inside the Starry Compass were enough for him to cultivate for a full day, he did not go anywhere else.
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