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Chapter 239 Do Not Touch My Wife

  • “Josephine, I'm just here to visit Mr. Sullivan. I heard that he's sick. I even brought a thousand-year-old ginseng root as a gift. It took me a lot of effort to obtain it from the City of Herbs!”
  • As Frederick spoke, he reached out to grab Josephine's hand.
  • Shocked, she staggered a few steps back, but he did not seem willing to give up.
  • Jared lost his temper upon witnessing that scene and snarled, “How dare you make advances to a lady in broad daylight! Do you even have manners?”
  • “Jared!” Josephine was delighted to see him and immediately ran over to him.
  • A trace of hostility flashed across Frederick's gaze when he noticed her reaction to Jared's appearance. “Who are you? Do you know who I am?”
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