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Chapter 234 Not From The Mobs

  • Virgil was stunned. He stammered, “J-Jared, t-this is too much. I have no idea how to manage a company!”
  • “No one's born knowing how to manage a company. You can always learn.” Jared stuffed the contracts into Virgil's hands and insisted, “Work hard, and I'm looking forward to calling you CEO, Mr. Hancock!”
  • Virgil's hands shook as he held the valuable contracts. He blushed, overwhelmed with gratitude.
  • He became absorbed in daydreams of his future life as a CEO.
  • Virgil was now the envy of every classmate. After all, he had become the CEO of two multimillion companies in the blink of an eye.
  • Some of them regretted their decision to scorn Jared instead of supporting him, like Virgil, from the beginning.
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