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Chapter 231 Begging For Trouble

  • Leyton immediately paused in the middle of his rant after hearing from Sandy that Jared had summoned him. I need to play dumb in front of Jared now and trick him into lowering his guard. When I have more resources and power in the future, I'll repay his humiliation twofold!
  • After confirming the address with Sandy, Leyton set off for Meadow Restaurant immediately.
  • Sandy returned to her seat and informed Jared quietly, “He'll be here soon.”
  • Jared appeared indifferent to her words, and Leroy smirked. The latter jeered, “Go on with your act, then. When Mr. Scott's here, you'll be drowning in your own tears!”
  • Jared sneered at Leroy and retorted, “We'll see about that, though you'll definitely be crying later!”
  • “What did you say? I'll cry? I'll make you cry right now!” Leroy barked before picking up a wine bottle.
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