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Chapter 227 Virgil

  • “Why are you here, Jared?”
  • Juliette frowned upon spotting Jared. After Warrick and the others were beaten up by the man back then, she had been practicing much more restraint.
  • “Oh, we bumped into him outside, so we invited him to join us! We're all former classmates, and we know him anyway!” Leroy interjected with a smile.
  • Only then did everyone notice Jared, who was standing behind Leroy. As they clocked his dressing, disdain showed in their eyes. Only one man shot to his feet and exclaimed excitedly, “When did you get out, Jared?”
  • It was clear as day that he also knew about Jared's incarceration.
  • “Virgil? You're here as well?”
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