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Chapter 225 Enhancement Pill

  • “Wake up! Stop lazing in bed! Rise and shine!”
  • Josephine pounded on Jared's door.
  • Only then did Jared exhale and open his eyes.
  • Eyeing the Starry Compass that had dimmed slightly, he heaved a sigh.
  • I initially thought that I'd be able to cultivate without any worries after gaining possession of the Starry Compass, but from the look of things now, I was still too naive! The resources accumulated in it likely aren't even sufficient to last me for a night's cultivation. Oh well, it seems that I'll have no choice but to rely on the meager amount of spiritual energy and cultivate little by little in the future. But then, if I want to level up my capabilities in such a manner, it'll take eons!
  • “Are you still not up?”
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