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Chapter 222 No Turning Back In Life

  • At Jared's question, Sandy shook her head vigorously. “No! I'm not done! Please forgive me, Jared! I was really coerced into it all! I had no choice either!”
  • “That has nothing to do with me anymore!”
  • Then, Jared started wounding up the car window.
  • However, Sandy clung to the car window and refused to let go.
  • In the passenger seat, Josephine's blood boiled. Despite the torrential rain, she swung open the car door and stalked out.
  • “How shameless are you? Hurry up and let go! If you dare pester my husband anymore, I'll get someone to break your leg! Mark my words!” Josephine roared at Sandy. Eyeing the latter disdainfully, she continued, “Who do you think you are? Compared to me, how are you better in any way? Are you more loaded than me? Are you more powerful than me? Or are you more beautiful than me? You're inferior to me in all aspects! Why should Jared forgive you and choose you? There's no turning back in life! Since you didn't know how to appreciate him, it's now too late to come and beg him! Buzz off!”
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