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Chapter 220 I Will Support You

  • “This is a sacred place! Stop messing around!”
  • After chiding Josephine, William turned to Walter and Erasmus, flashing them a sheepish smile.
  • The few others smiled as well, envy shining brightly in their eyes.
  • “Mr. Chance, while all the frosty energy in Abbot Erasmus' daughter has been absorbed, you said that she has a frosty constituent and will still absorb frosty energy perpetually. As such, frosty energy will likely infiltrate her body again before long. Therefore-”
  • Before Walter could finish speaking, Jared waved a hand and cut him off.
  • “Abbot Erasmus, your daughter will be fine for the time being. Her frosty constituent is exceedingly rare. Considering my current capabilities, I can free her wholly from the frosty energy. However, I rather hope that she can embark on the path of cultivation. To that end, I'll naturally transform her constituent when my capabilities go up a notch. Let's just leave it as such for now. She'll be fine, and I'll come over regularly to absorb the frosty energy within her,” he said to Erasmus.
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