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Chapter 22 Humiliation

  • Upon hearing that, the security guards started panicking, and they all took out their batons. If the other residents were to find out that an ex-convict was present in the vicinity, the security guards would be in big trouble.
  • “Jared, why don't you just get lost? Please bring along your blind mother and your sanitation worker father. Do you really want to wait until the security guards put their hands on them?” Warrick continued mocking.
  • “What did you just say?” Jared clenched his fists angrily.
  • “What? Are you going to hit me?” Warrick teased. He then laughed hysterically and walked toward Jared. “I suppose you might've learned a move or two in jail, but do you know where you're at? Trust me; I will send you back in there if you dare to lay a finger on me.” He then put on an arrogant face and shoved Jared.
  • Seemingly frightened, Hannah softly gave Jared's elbow a nudge and pleaded, “Jared, let's just leave.”
  • Hannah was afraid that Jared might get himself in trouble again. Since Jared had a criminal record, the authority might not be lenient toward him if a commotion were to break out. She definitely wouldn't be able to handle it if Jared were to be sent back to jail.
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